Advanced Series




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  1. The Everlasting Covenant of Circumcision
  2. God's Eternal Purpose
  3. The 7000 Years
  4. When Tongues Ceased
  5. The Father and his beloved Son
  6. When Israel Became Loammi
  7. The Going Forth of the Commandment
  8. About Luke
  9. Israel's New Covenant
  10. The Acts 28 Thing
  11. Captivity Captive
  12. A Different Point of View
  13. Being A Berean
  14. The Obedience of Abraham
  15. The Foundation of the Gospels
  16. That Which is Unsearchable
  17. The House of God (video) (Flash version)
  18. The Adoption Part 1
  19. The Adoption Part 2
  20. The Ark of the Covenant
  21. "The Rule" 50 Question Primer
  22. "The Rule" Running the Test
  23. "The Rule" The Gospels
  24. "The Rule" Israel's New Covenant
  25. "The Rule" The Kingdom Program Ceased
  26. "The Rule" Cornelius
  27. "The Rule" The Mid-Acts Dilemma
  28. Name Tags: An Experimental Study
  29. Paul's 4th Missionary Journey
  30. The Rebuttal (12 in or out)
  31. Two Different Mid-Acts Views
  32. Remission Versus Redemption
  33. Reconciliation
  34. The Flaws in the Doctrine of the Eternal Heavenly Inheritance
  35. The Prince of Tyrus
  36. The Messiah the Prince
  37. The Folds of the Church
  38. The Differences of the Folds
  39. Who Received It First?
  40. The Freewoman and the Bondwoman